Basically, if it can be printed, Grey has designed something like that at one point or another.

What Grey Jay does:

  • Print Design and Layout
  • Logos and Brand Identity
  • Poster Art
  • Web Design and Development
  • Flyers (or if you think that’s poor English: Fliers)
  • Album Artwork (of the print and digital varieties)
  • Illustrations
  • Web adverts (animated or static)
  • Entertain you with his wit
  • Write in the third person to drive search engine results to his super awesome best nude sexy fun time website

What Grey Jay does not do:

  • Work for free
  • Eat your last french-fry
  • Steal your birthday
  • Talk trash your momma

Okay, maybe I’ve stolen your birthday. And, who else was going to eat that fry when I already licked it? Also, your mom trash talked me first. But, I still don’t work for free.

If you'd like to see examples of Grey Jay's work, his portfolio is currently available online at the Behance Network.